KASAHARA Industry Co., Ltd.

President:Kenji Kasahara

Corporate Profile

KASAHARA Industry Co., Ltd. has been founded in 1878 originally as a raw-silk manufacturer, since then, has been developing,widening and diversifying the ranges of productions with full of "pioneer spirits", challenging the many fields, such as Expanded Plastic Foam Products, Construction & Building Materials, Engineering & Production of Molding Machines& Molds and Processing automotive interior components etc., grasping each change of eras as a chance!

Name : KASAHARA Industry Co., Ltd.
URL http://www.s-kasahara.co.jp
Head Office : 161 Shonindan Sukagawa Fukushima 962-0002 Japan
Phone : +81(0)248-75-3131  FAX : +81(0)248-75-1821
Email : soumu@s-kasahara.co.jp
Founded : 1878 (Inauguration of Sukagawa Factory =1917)
Sales Products
 : Expanded Plastic Foam Products.
Polystyrene (EPS)
Polyethylene (EPE)
Poly Lactic Acid (PLA)
Polypropylene (EPP)
 : Engineering & Production of EPS,EPE,EPP Molding Machines & Molds.
 : Construction and Building Materials.
 : Processing automotive interior components.
Capital : JY 100 million
Employees : 200
Turnover : JY 10 billion (Year ended December 31,2013)
Board of Directors
 : President Kenji Kasahara
 : Directors Kazuaki Ishii , Ichiro Kumagai , Koji Nagao , Hiroshi Hayakawa , Teruhisa Yamada ,
Structure : As from January1, 2007 Kasahara Industry Co., Ltd. has been devided into following 2 independent entities under Kasahara Industry Holdings Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan ; - Kasahara Industry Co., Ltd.(Sukagawa) : Fukushima, Japan
- Kasahara Industry Co., Ltd.(Ueda)  : Nagano,Japan : EPS, Electronics, Wire Saw Slicing & Polishing

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) : ISO 9001(1999) , ISO 14001(2004)
JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) : Preformed cellular plastics thermal insulation materials
Photo of 1943The people, selling cocoons in front of the warehouses
The Emperor’s visit on May 12, 1970.


KASAHARA Industry Co., Ltd. will be continuing to seek further developments, trying to elaborate new business structures to appropriately accommodating external changes of surroundings and to expand the fields of productions to create supplemental profits to be contributed to the social benefits.

1878  Founded in Suwa Town Nagano Pref. as a raw-silk manufacturer
1917  Inauguration of Sukagawa factory of the raw-silk manufacture
1962  Start of Expanded Plastic Foam Products
1964  Inspection Tour of the Emperor and Empress to Ueda Factory
1970  Inspection Tour of the Emperor and Empress to Sukagawa Factory It was very seldom that the Emperor visited the same company twice.
1973  Start of Engineering & Production of Molding Machines & Molds (Peony brand)
1974  Start of Expanded Polyethylene Products
1995  Inauguration of Construction & Building Materials Division
1996  Closed the raw-silk manufacturing
1998  Inauguration of Peony System Division (Engineering & Production of Molding Machines & Molds)
2003  Inauguration of Optical Film Division
2007  Inauguration of KASAHARA Industry Holdings Co., Ltd., new company Independence of 3 factories
2008  Inauguration of New Factory for EPE/EPP
2012  Start of sales of Calcinated Scallop Shell Calcium

The eps plant.

Production Activities of All Kasahara Group

Now the Kasahara Group owns 19 companies, including 2 independent entities, around the world with over 12 different lines of business.

[1] KSK Co., Ltd. : Sendai, Japan : EPS
[2] Hanamaki-Kasei Co., Ltd. : Iwate, Japan : EPS
[3] Choshi-Kasei Co., Ltd. : Chiba, Japan : EPS
[4] K.D.L. Co., Ltd. : Sukagawa, Japan : Processing automotive interior components
[5] Shin-etsu Electric wire Co., Ltd. : Nagano, Japan : Magnetic Wires
[6] Yamani Spring Co., Ltd. : Tokyo, Japan : Spring PT. Yamani Spring Indonesia : Bekasi, Indonesia
[7] Kimica Industries Co., Ltd. : Tokyo, Japan : Marine Biopolymers Kimica America Inc. : New York, USA Kimica Chile, Ltda. : Santiago, Chile
[8] Osaka Algin Co., Ltd. : Osaka, Japan : Marine Biopolymers
[9] Toshin Kogyo Co., Ltd. : Tokyo, Japan : Capacitor
[10] Itakura Denshi Co., Ltd. : Niigata, Japan : Capacitor
[11] Itoigawa TK Co., Ltd. : Niigata, Japan : Capacitor
[12] Toshincon Electonics Factory : Dongguan,China : Capacitor
[13] Tsukasa Co., Ltd. : Tokyo, Japan : Real Estate
[14] Mikasa Shoji Co., Ltd. : Tokyo, Japan : Real Estate

Expanded Plastic [1 2 3 4]Polystyrene (EPS), Polyethylene (EPE), Poly Lactic Acid (PLA),& Polypropylene (EPP)
Plastic Molding Machine [6]Molding Machine, Molds, Factory Automation (Peony System)
Marine Biopolymers [9 10]